Planet of the Apes Action Figures

Image a world where evolution has gone haywire. Imagine a place where humans cower in tribal chaos, fearing enslavement and extinction. Image a horde of massive, talking apes who rule with horrific brutality. Now, image you're no longer imaging. You're on the Planet of the Apes and here the apes Rule the Planet!


This massive, sword-wielding armored gorilla is a formidable oppent to all who would oppose him. The sight of his silhouette or the mention of his name strikes fear in the heart of humans. His devotion to ape doctrine is complete and unswerving. His military prowess is legendary.

Accessories include: Sword and removable helmet.

Points of Articulation = 10 plus the shoulders of his armor swivles to allow more movement of his arms.

Character likeness is pretty dead on.

If you are only going to get one of these figures this is the one to get!


Major Leo Davidson
A courageous and heroic American Astronaut, Major Leo Davidson crash-lands on an unknown world of cruel, talking apes who brand humans like cattle and work them like mules. He is captured, branded and sold as a servant. He escapes and wins the trust of terrifed humans hiding in the forest, inspiring them to fight their oppressors for dignity and equality.

Accessories Include: Tracker, weapon and removable space helmet.

Points of Articulation = 7 (no leg movement)

Character likeness is pretty good. The figure is posed in a rather strange position. Marky Mark fans will want to get this one.


This beautiful, tough human trusts no one. She's dedicated to her family and to the fight for humankind. She is defiant in the face of persecution by apes and will fight to the death for any hope of improving the plight of humans.

Accessories Include: Spear and knife.

Point of Articulation = 8 (no leg movement and long hair resticts movement of the head)

Character likeness is could be better.


An orangutan slave trader and mercenary whose values are, at first, solely rooted in personal financial gain. When he realizes that his fellow apes don't respect him at all, he finds himself moved toward Leo's moral goal of restoring dignity to the lives of humankind.

Accessories Include: Shackles and Capture Staff.

Points of Articulation = 6 (no leg movement and most useless one is the ankle of the left foot...why bother?)

Character likeness is pretty good.


This strong-willed chimpanzee is a human rights advocate and a righteous challenger of all who would question her ideas. Although she's the daughter of an ape government official, Ari holds the unpopular view that apes and humans can live in harmony.

Accessories Include: Battle Flag.

Points of Articulation = 6 (no leg movement)

Character likeness is pretty good. In fact the toy looks better than the actresses makeup.

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